The B&B Experience, Camden SC

Seeking a B&B Experience, Camden SC, will lead you to the award-winning Bloomsbury Inn.  With many awards to their credit, Bruce and Katherine Brown want to share 5 reasons to

A glass of cold milk and a fruit crunch, first course for breakfast at Bloomsbury Inn.

Breakfast at the Bloomsbury

Breakfast at the Bloomsbury is always a favorite. Back in the 1850’s, Mary Boykin Chesnut ate breakfast at the Bloomsbury in Camden South Carolina. Before the civil war a breakfast

granite counter tops, iron skillet with bacon and Dutch Baby, at the Bloomsbury inn

Stories from the Veranda, II

Jim Fowler, Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom star, shares stories on the veranda! Sitting on the veranda of Bloomsbury Inn with a mild breeze coming around the corner, I stare

Johnny Carson and Jim Fowler on the Tonight Show stage