Girls Weekend Getaway

Sometimes you just need a girlfriends weekend getaway!  You know what we mean, a blissed-out escape.  It is no secret that Camden, South Carolina is the state hub for getaways.  

Afternoon social at Bloomsbury Inn features a variety of wines and light hors d'oeuvres like this beautiful wooden snack board.

Canning Competition: Jam-Off at Bloomsbury

It is canning season and everyone loves a canning competition.  The seventh Bloomsbury Jam-Off is Sunday, 22 September 2019!  Yes, Jam-Off (amateur jam canning competition).  More importantly, you do not need to be

A bowl of blueberries surrounded by jars of blueberry jelly. This is going to be the winner in the canning competition.

The B&B Experience, Camden SC

Seeking a B&B Experience, Camden SC, will lead you to the award-winning Bloomsbury Inn.  With many awards to their credit, Bruce and Katherine Brown want to share 5 reasons to

A glass of cold milk and a fruit crunch, first course for breakfast at Bloomsbury Inn.