Allopathic Garden

While visiting Washington, Arkansas with our grandchildren, we discovered a historic home of an allopathic doctor. In his back yard was an interesting garden.  I asked what you would find and of course many of the items were herbs that we have today.  I was told cilantro, lemon balm, pepperment, rosemary, thyme, lavender and german chamomile were common.   Here at Bloomsbury, Katherine keeps a herb garden to use with our guest’s breakfast.

Some of the more exotic home remedies that caught my attention (I don’t recommend any of them):

Snake bite: Apply the mouth of a bottle filled with spirits and camphor to the wound.

Sore throat:  Eat loaf sugar with camphor or 20 drops of turpentine on sugar before going to be.  Katherine will tell you her grandmother was still using this home remedy on her as a child.

Stings:  Apply wet salt or a raw onion.

Scarlet fever: Rub the body all over with bacon fat and citrate of ammonia.

Corns:  Bind half of a raw cranberry, with the cup side of the fruit toaward the foot.

Teeth and Breath:  Honey mixed with pure pulverized charcoal to make a tooth paste.  Lime water with a little Peruvian bark (what is that?) to be occasionally used for offensive breath.

Toothache:  A poultice made of ginger or of common chickweed applied frequently to the cheek.

Warts:  Wet the top of the wart and rub two or three times a day with a piece of unsalted lime.

Well, I guess if you were out in the woods with only yourself, these would be possible options.  But, I do not recommend their use today or even tomorrow.

The grandkids were a little freaked out.  Especially when I told them that if they come to Bloomsbury with a sore throat they may get sugar with turpentine.  Just kidding!!