10 Things Camdenites Would Never Admit (out loud at any rate)!

There are many things Camdenites would never admit out loud.  Some of the fun ones rise to the top of the list of ten.  Of course, there are many more; you can learn some of them at the award-winning Bloomsbury Inn.

A pretty woman holding her finger to her lips to shhhh someone.

But, 10 specific things:

  1. Every female attending the Carolina Cup in the Spring of each year, really should have a new hat.the back view of three women showing off their embroidered hats.

  2. Some of the residents have never seen the best gun collection East of the Mississippi, The Ross Beard Collection, at the Camden Archives and Museum.The Ross Beard Gun Collection, part of the Three Best Gun Collections in South Carolina, displays amazing weapons.

  3. They can’t name the five members of the City Council. Mayor Alfred Mae Drakeford, Jeffrey Graham, Deborah Davis, Stephen Smoak, and Joanna Craig well-represent and govern the City.Welcome sign for Camden SC

  4. Everyone is passionate about that little brown dog…explore Camden in search of the Boykin Spaniel puppies.Poster introducing the Boykin Spaniels of Camden SC.

  5. There are only 7,013 residents of Camden proper.A back view of a crowd of people.

  6. No one, not even one, will admit their ancestors fought on the wrong side of the Revolution.v War reenactors marching across Historic Camden.

  7. Events and tourists make things exciting in downtown Camden.Poster marketing the Pitchforks of Duck University

  8. Horses are big business vs. pets.Horses are the number one economic driver in Camden SC, this beautiful red mare welcomes you to our hometown.

  9. Margaritas are the number one selling liquor drink in town.Our number one restaurant with dining near me is Salud. They handcraft all drinks. This beautiful tequila option is bright orange.

  10. Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit, oh gracious, Spring is the most beautiful season. Those who think otherwise, bless their hearts, don’t have Camellias, Azaleas and Hydrangeas in their gardens.A white sign directs guests past beautiful blooming Azaleas to Bloomsburg.

One last thing they know and admit, Camden hosts the award-winning Bloomsbury Inn.  This luxury bed and breakfast was recently ranked in the top 20 bed and breakfasts/inns in the Nation by TripAdvisor.  Book today and book direct, you too can celebrate a special occasion or enjoy a getaway in Camden SC. Looking SW, Bloomsbury is gently located behind the live oaks.

Life in Camden was very different 285 years ago, or even 165 years ago when Bloomsbury was built north of Boundary Street.  In June of 1863, Mary Boykin Chesnut penned, “And yet from my window I look out on the many gallant your and maiden fair…They call the walk in front of Bloomsbury (1707 Lyttleton Street) The Boulevard.”  The Boulevard is still a popular walk today.

               Welcome to Camden, South Carolina!