The Bloomsbury Breakfast Feast

You deserve to awaken to the Bloomsbury breakfast feast!  Everyday should begin with the perfect meal — a perfect gourmet breakfast feast. Take your seat and admire the breakfast service

Why Visit Camden SC?

Why visit Camden SC?  How about six good reasons: Carolina Cup 2021 at Camden SC Did you miss the horses this year?  OH NO! It is one reason why you

Wanderlust and Social Distancing Collide

Wanderlust and social distancing collide at Bloomsbury Inn, Camden SC, every day.  The strong desire to travel and to limit close contact with others pose issues for many.   But, when

The Secret Is Out — Stay Safe

The Secret Is Out… Is it safe to travel—the secret is out—stay safe?  COVID has changed our world, but there are still safe places to stay for both business and

The World Has Changed

Like so many, we are ready to safely fill Bloomsbury with guests again.  Let’s share in the responsibility of making sure you enjoy safe travels. The City of Camden requires

Bloomsbury Light Bread

Light Bread At Bloomsbury we hang onto many old terms such as light bread.  When I was growing up in the Lemay household, light bread usually referred to a loaf

Veranda, Bloomsbury Inn, Chapter 4

Think of your perfect veranda – think Bloomsbury Inn.  Spring is with us and it makes for a great time to sit on the veranda.  Warm in the day and

Peasant Bread by Sallie Rose

No yeast – no problem.  No buttermilk – no problem.  Keep reading.  You must have flour, milk (whole, canned, powdered), baking soda and salt!  You ready to make peasant bread?