Columbia SC is closer than you think!

Columbia SC is much closer than you think!

Visiting Columbia SC and looking for the perfect, safe place to stay – Bloomsbury Inn is both!  Depending upon where in Columbia, it might be 15 or 30 minutes.  Why do visitors to Columbia select Bloomsbury:

Safe in our pandemic times

Bloomsbury Inn

Bloomsbury Inn not only meets all the CDC, state, local and Select Registry guidelines for COVIT, Bloomsbury Inn even smells clean!  You understand that – fresh, welcoming, spotless.

Location.  Location.  Location.

Camden SC is a quaint little city just minutes away from Columbia.  Enjoy the best of both, stay at Bloomsbury Inn and visit Columbia.

If you are visiting Columbia…

Graduates of Ft Jackson marching off the field.

Bloomsbury Inn offers a military discount for all active duty military members.  If you are celebrating a graduation at Ft Jackson or looking for fighter jets at Shaw AFB, 30 minutes and you are on either base.

Taking in a Blowfish Game aligns perfectly with a stay at Bloomsbury.

See a game in Columbia SC...see the Blowfish.

Business or pleasure, select a safe, quiet, luxury option.


Camden has great boutiques and antiques, but if you need more, the Sandhills area of Columbia has it more.  20 minutes and you are there.


Boykin Millpond Steakhouse view from the water side.

Many great restaurants are in our capital city of Columbia.  But, the best steak house in the region is just 10 miles south of Bloomsbury. Boykin Millpond rivals any steak I’ve ever eaten.


Aerial view of Columbia SC, USC

University of South Carolina guests love staying in Camden and visiting the University.  The peacefulness of an amazing bed and breakfast far outweighs the crowded hotel chain and party happy outbursts near campus.

Columbia SC is definitely closer than you think!

You really must check out your safe lodging offerings when traveling during this pandemic that is upon us.  Knowing you have great options is ½ the decision battle.  So, BOOK DIRECT at Bloomsbury Inn.  You will enjoy a beautiful bed chamber, a gourmet breakfast included, excellent wifi, a rocking chair on the verandah, and even free cat petting if you desire!  Book now, book direct and save!

Every traveler should think red Book Direct because it is worth it.