Deep Cleaning

To really clean a room, be prepared to work!  Every room of your property should be deep cleaned each year.  Grandmother Sally Rose referred to this process as “spring cleaning”.  Surprise!  It does not have to be done in the spring.  But, she did it in the spring because at that time she swapped from the winter window coverings and rugs to the summer ones.

Overwhelmed, yet?  The process to really cleaning a room is very simple — we do every room in Bloomsbury Inn every year:


  1. A ladder that will allow you to reach the top of the shelves and windows

  2. A vacuum cleaner

  3. A wet mop if your floors are not carpeted

  4. A long-handled duster

  5. A pail

  6. Clean cleaning rags

  7. One magic eraser bar for any really tough spots

  8. Carpet/spot remover

  9. Vinegar, 1 part, and water, 3 parts

  10. Water for you to drink; it is important to remain well-hydrated when working hard


  1. Remove everything from the room. Today is also the perfect day to repaint the room or to touch-up as required on the current paint finish.

  2. Always work from the top down. Using your long-handled duster, dust around the top of your room to include crown molding, tops of window sills and doorways.

  3. Dust and wash all overhead light fixtures and fans. It is a great time to ensure all the those little light bulbs are shining.

  4. Dust/wash all window shutters/blinds.

  5. Clean all windows.  Spray windows with vinegar and water solution, clean the glass surface and the window frames.

  6. If the window coverings do not need to be dry cleaned, vacuum them using the long arm attachments to your vacuum.

  7. With everything removed, clean all built-ins and all wall hangings.

  8. Use the feather duster to finish dusting all walls, chair rails and base boards.

  9. Using the vinegar and water solution, wash all vent covers, chair rails, base boards, fireplaces door frames and doors, etc.

  10. Vacuum the entire room north to south; vacuum the entire room east to west.

  11. If your floor surface is solid, mop with the vinegar/water solution.

  12. Using the carpet/spot remover to clean any small spots on the carpet/rugs. If needed, completely shampoo the carpet/rugs.  Account for this step in your timeline as you cannot put any furniture back in the room until carpet/rugs are completely dry.

  13. Vacuum all fabric furnishings (this would include mattresses/bedsprings, etc.)…yes, under the cushions and the bottoms of the furniture. Now is a good time to rotate cushions and pillows.  Spot clean fabric as need be.  Wash all non-fabric portions of the furniture with the vinegar/water solution.  If the carpet/rugs are completely dry, return the fabric furnishings to the room.  This is a great time to rearrange your furnishings!

  14. Wash all remaining furnishings with the vinegar/water solution. By now you should be on your 2d or 3d pail of solution.  Return all furnishings to the room.  Be sure that you have all rugs and furnishings sitting as you desire.

  15. It is now time to return everything that belongs back in that room, be sure you dust or preferably wash with the vinegar/water solution every item that your return to the shelves, table tops, etc. Vacuum the lamp shades before you wash the lamps.  When you have returned what belongs in the room, dispose of or properly store all the leftover items.

  16. Are you tired, yet? You are not finished.  If I missed any surface, clean it, too.  Sit in every location to be sure the room is arranged for the intended purpose.

  17. Now it is your time to clean-up and put away all your supplies. Finally, you can clean yourself, fix a fresh drink and enjoy your perfectly cleaned room.

That is the proper way to deep clean a room.  The most  difficult part is removing larger furnishings, so I always like to have a helper.  Plus, working with someone is far more fun than doing the job alone.

Happy cleaning!