Electric Cars Welcome at Bloomsbury!

Bloomsbury Inn added two electric car charging stations!! We are constantly looking for amenities that increase the convenience and value of a stay at Bloomsbury Inn in historic Camden, South Carolina. Now, you and all other travelers have the opportunity to stop over in Camden, enjoy our town, relax at Bloomsbury, and recharge your electric vehicle while sleeping in the best bed and breakfast in the area.

Bloomsbury was recently ranked #12 of an estimated 17,000 bed and breakfasts/inns in the United States by TripAdvisor. This ranking is based upon your experiences at Bloomsbury. Thus, adding the electric car chargers is just one more way for us to improve your visit and to provide what savvy travelers desire.

     Cripple Creek Charge StationCripple Creek  Recharge Station
Tesla Recharge Station
Tesla Recharge Station

The first station is equipped to handle Tesla vehicles and to provide a recharge in three to five hours. The Tesla Model S offers 265 miles of range on a single charge so the High Power Wall Connector can easily top off the Tesla during an overnight stay at Bloomsbury. You will love this new travel option as you explore South Carolina.

The second station handles almost all electric and hybrid vehicles. This includes the Nissan Leaf, BMW i3, BMW i8, Chevy Volt, Ford Focus electric, Ford Fusion Energi, Ford C-Max, Fiat 500e, and Volkswagen E-Golf, etc. Any electric vehicle that uses the J-1772 plug will be compatible with this re-charging station. In fact, all Tesla cars are compatible with the J-1772 receptacle when using the Tesla adaptor. Each Tesla is equipped with the adaptor, or you can use the one owned by the inn.

Bloomsbury Inn joins a rapidly growing network in Tesla’s Destination Charging Program. Tesla is partnering with luxury hotels, resorts, inns, bed and breakfasts, and restaurants around the world to ensure electric charging stations are readily available. As a member of Select Registry, Bloomsbury is on the leading edge of what today’s travelers seek. These high power connectors are an amenity and inducement for you to visit, stay and patronize our small town. These electric car charges are not found in many small towns in South Carolina. We are excited to bring them to Camden SC. This is a win-win for tourism marketing.

Electric car owners now have a host of options when planning a visit to South Carolina. For more locations to charge your electric vehicle go to www.plugshare.com or www.carstations.com or www.afdc.energy.gov. See you at Bloomsbury!