From Our Home to Yours…’Tis The Season

‘Tis the Season to enjoy all the beauty and blessings of the holidays.  Each year at Bloomsbury Inn, we take extra care to ensure the 1854 Antebellum home is cheerfully decorated for the enjoyment of all our guests and friends.  Our friend, Cheryl, visits from Ohio each year to assist (aka work like crazy) with the decorations.  Then our friend, Gail, joins us for Christmas and the packing up after a Happy New Year (aka every item goes back in its original box.)  Yes, it is all done to share with you.

The Grand Hallway

of Bloomsbury Inn in Camden, South Carolina

At Bloomsbury Inn, the grand hallway features 2 trees all decked out in peacock colors.

The grand hallway of Bloomsbury is done in “peacock” for 2018.  Several years back, we had friends with us who assisted Katherine by designing the original peacock decorations…thank you Taraworth.  Over the years this collection has grown to completely fill the entry hallway. Larry, Ed and Cheryl keep growing this collection.

Bloomsbury Inn grand hall is decorated in all peacock colors and design.


The Ladies’ Parlor

This year finds the Ladies’ Parlor decked in gold and cream.  This amazing tree is a new addition for Bloomsbury Inn.  Because we are sensitive to allergies of our guests, this tree is not live.

Satin and mink stockings hang at the fireplace in the Ladies' Parlor.       The tree in the Ladies' Parlor is decorated in gold and cream.

Take note of the beaded satin and mink stockings in this parlor.  Our friend, Larry Tarazano made them for us, especially for Bloomsbury Inn.

The Hunt Room

The Hunt Room, our family room, reflects 30+ years of life, children, friends, pets and more.  Katherine almost panicked this year when it was time to place the star on the tree…it could not be found!  That little star was made by her cousin Geary for her Grandmother Sallie Rose’s tree in the late 1940s.

 very top of the Bloomsbury Inn family tree features a star from Sallie Rose's tree.He was a very young artist that year.  When Sallie Rose decided to retire her tree, late in life, she entrusted Katherine with the family star.

The family tree holds 30+ years of love from friends, family alike.      The mantel hosts a large picture Santa and the family stockings.

Yes, we know, the family room tree is very heavy with all the ornaments gathered for many years.  You will find ornaments made by Tiffany and Samantha, along with other little friends, ornaments from special friends, ornaments from Bruce and katherine’s travels, and even some that represent Alleycat and Miss Kitty.  Take note of the stockings all hung with care…Bruce’s is on the far right!

The Dining Room

Like the Ladies’ Parlor, the Bloomsbury Dining Room is dressed in gold.

The mantel in the dining room is dressed in gold with 3 cream/gold stockings all hung with care.         A fuller view of the dining room shows the tree, mantel and chandelier decked in gold.

Amazing breakfasts are served in here each morning!  Today we had fresh orange juice, signature coffee, fresh fruit cups, biscuits from Grandmother’s iron skillet, and Bloomsbury Omelet Loraine.

Over in each North facing window are Katherine’s collection of Hallmark Houses.  Yes, 30+ years of them.

Two trees in the Dining Room host hallmark holiday houses.

So, what did you miss?  The bear collection at the top of the grand staircase or the wine tree or the old kitchen house or the Santa collection in the breakfast nook.  Well, to see it all and to truly enjoy the beauty, you just need to visit during the holiday season.  Reservations are available via the Bloomsbury website.  From our home to yours…’Tis The Season, may all the blessings of Christmas be yours.  Warmly, Bruce, Katherine and Miss Kitty Stray.