Helping a Little Friend with “Snack Day”

Last Spring, one of my little friends invited me to participate in his school “snack day”.  We decided to have Dolphin Bowls with a Dolphin Story Time.  We prepared them at Bloomsbury Inn.  Remember to ask the teachers if there are any student allergies so you can prepare accordingly.


Disposable blue soup bowls, disposable dolphin tablecloth and a black felt tip marker


Green seedless  grapes

Red seedless grapes

Box of goldfish crackers

Set out the desired number of bowls.   Cut 1/3 off the bottom of each banana (save for another dessert).  Split the stem end of the banana to form a mouth to hold the goldfish.  Insert the goldfish into the slit. Dot eyes on the banana.  Place the banana, flat cut surface to bottom of soup bowl.  Fill around the banana with green and red seedless grapes to form the water in the bowl.  Add a few more goldfish to the water.  Repeat until you have produced the required number of Dolphin Cups.  Note:  add appropriately colored jelly beans to the water if desired.  And, stickers on the soup bowls are a nice add.

Write a short children’s story about Dolphins…informative, simple, fun…to be read while the students enjoy their snacks.  Or, checkout a book at the local library to share with the students.

You will be the hit of the “snack day”.  Perfect for kindergarten through second grade classrooms.

PS…take a container of “wet wipes” for easy desk and hand cleanup at the end of “snack day”.