Holiday Bug Bites

It is that time of year, the decorations are going up…you are feeling festive…you want to share a special time with friends.  Well, here is a great idea to consider:  A Champagne and Cookie Reception.  Not a cookie exchange, but a true Holiday Reception.

Select your date and design a pretty, seasonal invitation such as this one for Bloomsbury:


Design an interesting guest list, include a varied mix of individuals.  If at all possible, include someone new or several new guests for everyone to meet.  Be sure to post your invitations early to ensure all of the guests have time to plan…someone may need a babysitter or to re-arrange another appointment or to secure transportation.

The menu is so easy.  You will need a Champagne Bar — all the latest rage and several dozen cookies.  Of course, you will also want to serve a non-alcoholic punch.  But, back to the Champagne Bar:

A good quality champagne (it does not need to be expensive unless you so desire)

A bottle of Cassis

A bottle of Cointreau

Fresh mint, rosemary, and lemongrass springs (your favorite herbs)

Mini peppermints

Mini marshmallows

Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries (your favorite berries)

and festive champagne glasses.  I love to use a wide variety of glasses…yes crystal or real glass.  Arrange your Champagne Bar in a location that will encourage the guests to help themselves and encourage them to try different additives.  You will need to have 1/2 to 1/3 bottle of Champagne on hand, and very well chilled, for each guest attending.

 The next task is to design a festive cookie table.  This table can host your non-alcoholic punch and your array of homemade cookies.  At this time of year, everyone loves to enjoy the favorite cookies of others.  t is wise to plan three to four cookies per guest.  You can introduce as many types of cookies as you desire, but six or more types is fun.  Use one of grandmother’s old recipes, select one from Southern Living magazine or from the latest Tea Time.  If you plan to use just serving trays and napkins (vs plates), it is smart to avoid bars and extremely crumbly treats.

Use a simple non-alcoholic punch:  mix 1/2 white grape juice and 1/2 ginger ale together, fill your punch bowl with crushed ice, add the punch mix and serve well chilled.  You can use punch cups or champagne glasses for this punch.

There are a couple of ways to collect memories of your event.  One is to ask a friend to take a few, unintrusive photographs and the other is to use your guest book to register your guests.

We hope that you enjoy a very festive and wonderful Holiday Season filled with much love and peace!