In Camden SC — One Afternoon and $100.00

I’d love to be in Camden SC.

If I were limited to one afternoon and $100.00, how would I spend my time in the quaint, historic town of Camden SC.  First, I’d pick an area:  downtown, Dusty Bend, East or West Camden.  Second, I’d done a mask, and I’d definitely find a way to stretch my visit!


OK, just the main block of downtown!

  • Time is limited, I’d zip to Menagerie and select a beautiful antique vase. I’d use the new crosswalk to reach Long Leaf Florist.  I need just a single hydrangea stem.  I have just made my Mother’s perfect birthday gift.  Ever since I was 5 or so, I’ve given my mother a vase and a flower…one year it was a dandelion in an empty toilet paper roll.  She loved it!


  • There is a pair of earrings in Pink Stable that I’ve been eyeing for about ten days.


  • I have been promising my husband that I’d get a new cat bed for Alley. She has outgrown her’s and now wants to sleep on Sam’s feet.  Bingo – The Habitat Re-Store has the perfect basket, but it will need a pillow in the bottom.  No problem, I’ll run up to Camden SC Quilts and grab a half-yard of fabric and notions.


  • I’m almost out of “bb mending” shampoo so I’ll stop in Ideation.


  • All this running around means I need a treat. Sweet Lili’s is perfect.


NOTE:  I must get my husband to bring me back for dinner and margaritas at Salud!

Dusty Bend

Well a girl has to eat somewhere!

  • Since I have some stops in Dusty Bend, I asked Alice Mae to meet me for lunch at Triangle Café. Such a great place for a quick bite.


  • Camden is home to all things horses and of course, our little rider is always in need of something. I always know it will be in the center section of The Tack Room if it can be found anywhere.


  • As I drove by Needful Things, I saw a great bag in the window. I could not resist – I’m even having it embroidered.


  • Rose’s has their canning jars on sale. I can certainly use them for jams and jellies as I just noticed the fig tree in the back pasture  is full this year.


I have just enough time to get back to the pick-up line at Camden Elementary.

East Camden

No matter how tempting, everything I do this afternoon is going to be for the animals.  No exceptions…just for the animals.

  • I’ll drop Alley off at Mill Village Veterinary for her annual shots while I run my other animal errands. The last time she was in, Beth gave her some tomatoes from their garden.


  • I promised my husband I’d check the price of fly spray at Adam’s Hay.


  • The children are always in need of birthday gifts. Who doesn’t love Pelican’s Snoball tokens?  Be sure to try the Fuzzy Naval next time. Well, they could select the one named after an animal.


  • Our neighbor’s nephew has been accepted at Camden Military Academy beginning in the fall. I know I said no exceptions.  Well this is what we call mission creep.   I’ll just grab a hat or sweatshirt for James to enjoy when he begins school.  Then I’ll run back and pickup Alley.


I think I’ll drive on down to my friend Faith’s greenhouse…I bet Danny has some great lemons! And, I know he has honey – I read it on FaceBook. Plus, they have animals.

West Camden

No matter what direction I go in Camden, I can find an amazing way to spend one afternoon and $100.00.  Going West is no different.

  • I hate it but the Hallmark Store is closing. The owners are so sweet, and now they have everything on sale.


  • While I’m in the same parking lot, I’ll just drop off a few things at the Goodwill.
  • I’m going to drive through Tidal Wave while I’m out this way.


  • One last stop, I need to mail some of those jams and jellies to friends.


I’m really tired, but I must get a retirement gift certificate for Mark J.   He and his wife love to travel, specifically they love Select Registry bed and breakfasts. They also love Camden SC.  I just read that Bloomsbury Inn earned a “Stay Select/Stay Safe” certification which is really important during our current pandemic.  I’ll just swing by Bloomsbury Inn and get a gift certificate from Katherine.  She and Bruce are hosts extraordinaire.  They have met or exceeded all the CDC/SC Strong/Select Registry guidelines for COVID19.  One afternoon and $100.00.


Oh my goodness, I forgot…

… to have coffee at Books on Broad.

… look up the Battle of Hobkirk at the Camden Achieves and Museum.

… walk the Quaker Cemetery.

… visit 18 city parks.

… checkout all the great restaurants.

… read the local Chronicle Independent.

…OK, I am definitely going back for a weekend at Bloomsbury Inn.


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