Menagerie Antiques

Menagerie Antiques

Come stay at Bloomsbury Inn and plan a weekend of fun.  If you are into antiques, then Camden, SC is an antique collectors dream!  With nine antique shops and malls, there is something for everyone.  From collectables to fine, upscale antique furniture, downtown Camden is the location for you.  Especially,  if you start comparing prices between Camden, Charlotte, and Charleston.

Why “old” is “new”.   Menagerie Antiques, located in the heart of downtown, is proof that “old” is the current look. If you are looking for a vintage watch, you will find it at Menagerie. If you are looking for the perfect dry sink, Menagerie will have it. The shop abounds with a wide variety of antiques and collectibles. No, it is not a collectible junque shop.

The prices vary widely as the shop is divided into vendor booths. Each vendor establishes the prices for the items in their booth. As a result, it is important to visit every inch of the shop to ensure you do not find the same item for a better price. Not too long ago, a savvy shopper purchased an early American, signed sundae dish for less than $5.00. Yes, you read that correctly, a signed glass dish for less than five dollars. Both the store owners and the vendor were pleased that it would be going to such a savvy shopper. Many times, the best finds are located in small, unique towns and in the shops, especially Menagerie, with the largest variety.

It is also important to visit often. There are two thoughts on pricing antiques: 1) price the items for their actual value. or 2) price the items to move.   At Menagerie, you will see some of each. The good news is that many items are priced to move, and that means the inventory turns very quickly.

Camden, South Carolina is rich with antique shopping. And, the town is so interesting that you will want to make your visit more than just a day-trip. Antique shopping galore, museums, parks, dining, entertainment, Menagerie may be your reason for visiting, but you will certainly find reason to stay.