Moonshine Sold in Camden, SC

Bloomsbury Welcomes Dark Water Distillery!!  Moonshine, White-Lightin’, Hooch, and Arkansas Clear Water…these terms all describe high proof distilled spirits that are growing in popularity in the US!   Today, legit Moonshine distributors are popping up in areas never really known for producing the original illicit corn liquor.

“People always have a passion for creating something that’s their own, and I wanted to give people something unique that they couldn’t get anywhere else in Camden,”  Carl Monday, owner,  said in a press release.

Dark Water Distillery has joined the growing trend of producing and selling 100 proof products. Carl Monday, a federal detective and fourth generation distiller, has brought his trade and family secrets for small batch distilling to the small town of Camden, South Carolina. At 923 Broad Street, DWD is a must visit in Kershaw County. To date, the small shop is offering corn Moonshine and some fixin’s. Yes fixin’s to turn your Moonshine in to Appleshine or Cherry Devine. They also offer Moonshine Salsa!

If Moonshine is not to your taste, a stop in the shop is still very interesting and educational. You can witness the boiling of corn mash and lay eyes on a homemade 50-gallon copper still. You can learn the history of Moonshine and the details of making Moonshine. If you want to know what the “XXX” signifies, you could look it up on Google, but it would be far more fun to learn it from a real moonshiner.

Dark Water Distillery has plans to produce higher than 100-proof Moonshine and other spirits such as bourbon, gin and vodka. You might get away with calling the owners “bootleggers”, but in reality they have all the licenses appropriate for legal Moonshine production and sales.

Come stay at Bloomsbury and go for a taste test.  Yes, samples! Of course you can enjoy a little sample when you visit Dark Water Distillery, a small artisan micro-distillery at 923 Broad Street, Camden, SC 29020