Mother’s Day 2021…just what she doesn’t want!

What Mother does not want

Mother’s Day 2021


Don’t worry, we have some great ideas for what your Mom wants for Mother’s Day 2021, but first…what Mother does not want:
  • Another kitchen tool
  • Inexpensive perfume
  • A new dololly to dust
  • Fresh Flowers
  • A vacuum cleaner (or any home appliance with a plug)
  • A house cat (or toy dog) to look after
  • Assorted cheese and sausage box
  • Or, to be forgotten!

Mom trying too look HAPPY

Now that we’ve covered the basics…you have the picture.  Be thoughtful, plan ahead and make sure you give your Mom something she will treasure and enjoy.

What Mother Does Want

Mother’s Day 2021

Your Mother would love a relaxing experience that includes an amazing breakfast.  Real relaxation…real amazing breakfast…real experience.  Your Mom would love a gift certificate to the award winning Bloomsbury Inn, a proud member of Select Registry, in Camden SC.A happy, beautiful Mother who just received a Bloomsbury Inn gift certificate for Mother's Day 2021

Shortly after arrival and presentation of a perfectly appointed bed chamber, Mom will enjoy a glass of cheer with matching hors d’oeuvres on the 1100 sq ft veranda of the 1854 Manor House.  She can gently swing in the shade of Live Oaks while she sips her glass of cheer.  Following dinner at one of the great restaurants in Camden, she’ll return for a perfect night of rest.

The next morning, your Mother will enjoy a three-course gourmet breakfast in the Chesnut Dining Room (of course, all tables are socially distanced).  Signature coffee, fresh juice, cold fruit soup, homemade breads, sweet or savory entree served with gracious Southern hospitality.  All Moms deserve to be pampered!

Your MOM would love the gift of travel, a real experience, at Bloomsbury Inn.

Other Ideas

Mother’s Day 2021

If you are creative in your presentation, she will know you love her:

  • Place her Bloomsbury gift certificate in a beautiful card that reads, “You and I are going on a real experience”.
  • All Moms love socks…tuck her Bloomsbury gift certificate inside a lovely pair of new socks.
  • Do you know anyone who doesn’t love “Club of the Month”?  Well your Mother loves them.  This year give your Mom a monthly Bloomsbury gift certificate…available in 3 – 6 – 9 – 12 month options.

Now is the perfect time to select the perfect Bloomsbury Inn gift certificate to honor your Mom on her special day, 9 May 2021!

Bloomsbury Gift Certificates

A Bloomsbury Gift Certificate printed on fine linen paper awaits the perfect gift package
Bloomsbury Gift Certificates

You can purchase gift certificates online at Bloomsbury Inn.  Or, you can make a reservation for your Mother.  We also love to talk with you and will be more than happy to assist you with the perfect 2021 Mother’s Day gift.


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