National Leave Work Early

June 1, 2018 is National Leave Work Early Day and this year it is on Friday.  It doesn’t take much to get Americans to celebrate and leaving work early is perfect.  This day was invented by Laura Stack who is a specialist on employee productivity.   The original intent was to increase productivity and then give a reward of going home early.

Leave early!

We want to carry this further.  After all Italians only work 940 hours per year, while Americans put in close to 2,000 hours a year. True, things have gotten better than the days of 10 to 16 hour work-days, six days a week in the mid-19th century.  Even Ford Motor Company believed in reducing hours when in 1926 it declared a forty hour work week.  But today, with all the means to stay tied to work electronically, people just work around the clock.  It just never goes away.

Well, it’s time to say no…with your boss’s permission!  We would recommend that you develop a great excuse to give your boss why you should leave work early on Friday, June 1st.

You could tell him (or her but for today we will stick with him) your grandmother died for the seventh time, or that you have to get home early for the TV cable technician, or you need to coordinate with a business colleague downtown.

You don’t think this will work.  Well, we have the best reason to present to your boss.

You tell him you are going to Bloomsbury in Camden, SC to be alone with your significant other, to mix business with pleasure, and to re-energize for work Monday. This will win him over as you show the Bloomsbury website and your great plans for the weekend.

You plan to arrive by 5:30 for the wine/tea social with the other guests and owners.  You explain this will be a Bizcation (business vacation) where you will exchange ideas (where are the best places to go), delve into best practices (how not to overindulge in great food), and to gain insight into time-use efficiencies (to spend as little time traveling between locations you visit).

Then it is off to Salud’s Mexican Kitchen and Tequilas Bar for true Mexican food.  No number 23 with rice and beans, in fact, you have to ask for beans or rice as a side.  All made fresh!  And over 200 tequilas on the bar. Not that stuff you drank in college and swore never to look at that bottle again.  But truly great tequila in a handcrafted drink that is just so easy to drink.  But remember, people come from California, New Mexico, and Texas to eat at Saluds.  Reservations highly recommended.

After a great night sleep it is time for a super gourmet breakfast.  It could be Bloomsbury Benedict, or German Pancakes, or Quiche Lorraine.  It is sure to delight.

In the Bloomsbury “Things to Do” there are over 20 pages of activities.  You can go to the local Archives and Museum, or Steeplechase Museum, or Historic Camden.  Camden is rich in history. Lots of antique shopping.   Lunch time already — I highly recommend you look at our places to go for lunch.  Many great places are right downtown.

At 5:30 it is back to Bloomsbury for more heavy discussion of good business practices (how was your day, what did you see, try to touch on something to tell the boss) with wine/teas and light hors d’oeuvres.

Off to dinner again, this time it is to Boykin Mill Pond Steakhouse.  Best steaks in South Carolina.  Beats Ruth Chris, Morton’s and Hall’s. You will love it and your significant other will look at you with praise of “wow what a dinner, what a great idea to bring me here.”  Again, please make those reservations just in case.  Don’t want to disappoint the significant other.

Back to Bloomsbury for a great night of sleep and relaxing.  Another great breakfast at 9:00.  Discussion on the history of Bloomsbury from its building in 1854.

Time to go

And then sadly, it is back home and work the next day.  Where you return a hero from you Bizcation.  The boss is most pleased that you went to Bloomsbury in Camden and the insightful business practices you learned.  Now the boss is urging other colleagues of yours to go to Bloomsbury also.

This doesn’t have to be for two nights, but could be for one; anytime of the week; just leave work early and get away. We look forward to seeing you on your next Bizcation where we will talk business (wink, wink)