Quaker Cemetery, Camden SC

Quaker Cemetery was established by Quaker settlers around 1750. Samuel Wyly, conveyed four acres of land to the Quakers in 1759. It was conveyed for the rental of “One Pepper Corn Per Year” for 999 years. The purpose of the land was to build their house of worship and to provide a cemetery for the Quaker community. The Cemetery is located about three miles from Bloomsbury. The cemetery has grown from four acres and to approximately 50 acres today. Growth was through deeded property, purchases, and of course, gifts from the community. The cemetery is now maintained by the Quaker Cemetery Association and other citizens who visit local grave sites regularly. Our local cemetery is rich with history from the Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWI, and WWII. Several Quakers are buried there. The cemetery includes seven veterans of the American Revolution, 210 Confederate graves, three medal of honor winners , and three brothers killed in WWII. Many Bloomsbury guests visit the cemetery. In the next series of blogs, I’ll be writing about different persons who rest in this wonderful, old cemetery. Come join me!