Canning Competition: Jam-Off at Bloomsbury

It is canning season and everyone loves a canning competition.  The seventh Bloomsbury Jam-Off is Sunday, 22 September 2019!  Yes, Jam-Off (amateur jam canning competition). 

More importantly, you do not need to be present to win!  You can submit your jar(s) as noted below.  The actual competition will occur on the 22d of September at Bloomsbury Inn, 1707 Lyttleton Street, Camden SC. A panel of jam-loving judges will be selecting the top three entries in the entire universe.  Well, the top three of those j-petitors (competitors) who make a submission to be judged.  The top three entries will be awarded a Jam-Off Certificate and Prize.  Because we love competition, there is also a prize for the most unique submission.

Fresh peas, watermelon, and a colorful basked surround Peach Preserves. All jams welcome to the canning competition Jam-Off.

Be sure to follow the rules for the canning competition,

aka Bloomsbury Inn Jam-Off:

Canning Competition 2018. Jars of fig jam in front of a tray of fresh figs -- just waiting to join the annual Jam-Off

Fresh preserves sitting before the Ball Book of Preserves, the canning competition bible. Many of our submissions for the Jam-Off come from this book.

Jars of strawberry jam stacked beside fresh strawberries. The forefront book contains great recipes for canning competition.


* All canning competition submissions must reach Bloomsbury not later than 16 September 2019.  You can either drop them off or mail them at any time before the 16th:    Bloomsbury Inn, 1707 Lyttleton Street, Camden SC 29020

*  Use a pint jar or smaller for each submission.  (NO commercially produced items please)

Unfortunately, we cannot accept refrigerator jams

*  Acceptable submissions include jam, jelly, preserves, fruit sauces and fruit spreads

*  Each submission must be accompanied by a card containing the following information:

    J-petitors Name, Address, Telephone Number and Email Address (email addresses will not be shared/sold)

           Title of Submission

                  Category of Submission (jam, jelly, preserve, sauce, spread)

                           We’d love to have the recipe if you share

* Be sure to tell your friends they should make a submission (ok — they don’t have to be friends)

Local Tradition

The Bloomsbury Jam-Off has become a local tradition here at Bloomsbury Inn.  There are many ways to enjoy jams and jellies.   In addition to serving homemade jam/jelly/preserves each morning with our hot bread course, we use it many different ways:

  • we love to drizzle it on or under fresh poached pears.
  • serve any flavor over cream cheese and with crackers.
  • use it inside a baked brie puff pastry.
  • serve it with roasted pork.
  • put it in handcrafted drinks as the sweetner.
  • it makes a great topping for cheesecake or pancakes.
  • fill doughnuts.
  • make a great spicy wing sauce.

A split, poached pear, stuffed with cream cheese and topped with Strawberry Preserves. It can be made with any of the Jam-Off products. that compete in our annual canning competition.

Furthermore, if you decide to visit Camden, South Carolina, we’d love to have you here Sunday evening.    Honestly, we’d love to have you at Bloomsbury Inn anytime.   Following the judging, there is a party that also includes our bed and breakfast guests. Hence, a great reason to book a room today.  We will have a turkey from Cooper Farms — turkey is the perfect way to try all the jellies, jams, and preserves that were judged.  There will also be many other hors d’oeuvres as well.   Book early and safe travels.