The Perfect Bloomsbury Omelet

Lots of chefs believe that they make a perfect omelet.  They will boost of their special pan or only using gas heat or farm fresh eggs.  Well, I learned the perfect omelet method from a friend of mine who owns Common Earth Farms in Bedford NH.  When she first shared this method…I thought “right Gail”.  Then I tried it:

2 extra large eggs per omelet, room temperature

2 TBS heavy cream, actually I use Half and Half






1 sandwich size baggie, use a good brand

1 large pot of boiling water

Mix your eggs and cream until well blended.  Pour this mix into the baggie.  Add your favorite cheese – 2 TBS or so.  If you like meat, add 1 heaping TBS.  Season as you desire.  Roll, press all the air from the baggie and seal it firmly.  Now mix/shake up all your ingredients.  Place the baggie directly into boiling water for 13-15 minutes.  You will cook a perfect omelet.  Yes, more than one baggie can be in the large pot of water, but do not overcrowd as the baggies will want to stick together.

Suggested combinations:

  • Cooked bacon, spinach, onion, Swiss cheese.

  • Cooked ham, asparagus, gruyere cheese, fresh herbs.

  • Salted/well-drained tomatoes, multi-cheese blend, onion, fresh herbs.

  • Cooked sausage, parmesan cheese, celery and garlic.

  • Cooked turkey, eggplant, blue cheese.

  • Hashbrowns cooked with bacon, bell pepper and onion, feta.

  • Blend of grilled garden vegetables and herbs, tofu.

You can use this recipe for any of your favorite omelet recipes.  It will be perfectly cooked with no “brown” spots!  Enjoy your Bloomsbury Omelet!