White Grape Punch

My great niece is co-hosting a Ladies’ Shower for a bride-to-be.  She asked me to suggest a punch recipe.  My go-to non-alcoholic punch is very classy and just as easy as it is classy.  It can be served from an elegant punch bowl or from a fun summer pitcher — it is always a hit!

White Grape Punch

1 container Welsh White Grape Juice

1 large bottle Canada Dry Ginger Ale

Crushed Ice


Pour each container over crushed ice — I love to use the Sonic ice (yes, you can buy it by the bag — just go through the drive-thru and order a large bag of ice).  My first choice is to garnish with fresh mint sprigs, but there are so many options:  frozen grapes, lime spirals, fresh strawberry slices, kiwi slices (peeled).  I promise this will be perfect for a Ladies’ Shower.