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Katherine greets every guest with a beautiful smile and always answers the contact us forms.
We are delighted that you are interested in Bloomsbury and Camden, South Carolina. I’ll be happy to assist. – Katherine

Please fill out the contact us form below and we will contact you soonest. Feel free to ask questions or just share comments.  Miss Kitty Stray, the Inncat, loves it when you mention her.  We love to hear from guests and potential guests.

Or, you may like to contact us at 803.432.5858.

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    What are our most common questions?

    What time is check-in/out?  3:30 pm – 7:00 pm and not later than 11:00 am.

    What time is breakfast?  Our breakfast hour varies depending upon the group in the Inn.  We love 9:00 am.  We also set a specific breakfast hour as we make homemade breads…you want to enjoy them right from the oven.

    When was the house built?  1954.  The last renovation?  Yesterday.  The Bloomsbury Team is in a constant state of making sure the house is totally renovated and ready for you.

    Are there stairs?  Bloomsbury Inn is the quintessential Antebellum home.  There are stairs to reach the main floor and there are stairs to reach the bedchambers.  Trust me, we have thought and thought, but there is not way to install an elevator without compromising the integrity of the home.

    How close are you to downtown?  Bloomsbury Inn is less than a mile to downtown…very walkable.