An inviting bed, all set for you, Bloomsbury Inn.

General Chestnut Bed Chamber

General Chesnut Bed Chamber, Room I, is a 20′ by 20′ room featuring a king-sized bed, large in-room sitting area, writing desk, all season fireplace, and a private en suite

Brides love the elegant Mary Boykin Chesnut room at Bloomsbury Inn.

Mary Boykin Chesnut Bed Chamber

Mary Boykin Chesnut Bed Chamber, Room II, This 20’ by 20’ room features a king-size iron bed, a large in-room sitting area, a secretarial desk, a private dressing area, all

At Bloomsbury Inn, the Sweet Williams room is favored by many.

Sweet Williams’ Bed Chamber

Sweet Williams’ Bed Chamber, Room III, is a 20’ by 14’ room that hosts a queen-size iron bed, a writing table, two comfortable wingback reading chairs, all season fireplace and

Sally Chesnut Room. A garden delight awash in beautiful greens and blooms.

Sally Chesnut Bed Chamber

Sally Chesnut Bed Chamber, Room IV, is a 20’ by 14’ room.  This room is truly a garden fair, featuring a four-posted rice queen-sized bed, two comfortable wingback reading chairs,