General Chestnut Bed Chamber

General Chesnut Bed Chamber, Room I, is a 20′ by 20′ room featuring a king-sized bed, large in-room sitting area, writing desk, all season fireplace, and a private en suite bath with a tub/shower.   This beautiful room has large windows facing both east and south into manicured gardens.  The rich jewel tones of this room make it a favorite of guests who prefer a king bed.   The room, afternoon social, full gourmet breakfast and all taxes/fees are inside our reservation price when booked direct with Bloomsbury Inn.

This room,named for James Chesnut, Jr, is the most masculine king bedchamber of Bloomsbury Inn.   James was the youngest of 13 children in a wealthy South Carolina family owning twenty-five square miles of plantation land.  His parents, James Chesnut, Sr, and Mary Cox Chesnut, built Bloomsbury in 1854 for their daughter Sally.  An 1837 graduate of the College of New Jersey “Princeton”, James Jr. served 12 years in the South Carolina legislature before becoming a US Senator.  He resigned his Senate seat after the 1860 presidential election to return home to serve on the committee that drafted the South Carolina secession ordinance.  After Bull Run, he served on the staff of President Jefferson Davis.  Next, James was honored with a field duty assignment and promoted to Brigadier General. Following the war, he resumed the practice of law and returned to his beloved wife, Mary Boykin Chesnut, and Camden, South Carolina.

Room Rate: $245.00 – $300.00