Sally Chesnut Bed Chamber

Room Rate: Sally Chesnut Bed Chamber, Room IV, includes luxury accommodations, afternoon social, full gourmet breakfast and all taxes.  The garden bed chamber!  Miss Sarah “Sally” Chesnut, sister of James Chesnut, Jr., inherited Bloomsbury upon the passing of her parents.  Although she lived many years in the home, she was most proud of her presence of mind and cool self-possession in the face of the enemy.  Mary Chestnut recorded in her diary Sally’s experience.  When one Yankee Officer came into Bloomsbury, while everyone was seated for breakfast, “Rebels have no rights,” Sally said politely. “I suppose you have come to rob us.  Please do so and go.”  The man jumped back in rage and left empty-handed.  Following the war, the Chesnuts sold eggs to maintain Bloomsbury. This 20’ by 14’ room is truly a garden fair, featuring a four-posted rice queen-sized bed, two comfortable wing -backed reading chairs, a lawyer’s bookcase desk/writing area, all season fireplace and private en suite bath.